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Database - continued...

That is why you are here, isn't it?  You want to know where we come into the picture, don't you?  Well, I hope so, because we want to be in that picture, your picture that is, with you, building your computer database, so that you can do what you do better and easier, with a minimum of hassle and fewer problems.

So to continue, you may be asking what that diagram is below?  Well, maybe not,  but I'm getting to that.

Basically, Protometrix Systems develops, customizes, modifies and maintains databases and their associated supporting software.  But we also do other support work that complements the basic mission of database systems.

Training, for instance, is one thing that we have done for our customers and can do for you as well. We can provide training on a variety of topics, ranging from, 

of course, database systems to software programming to office suite (Word, etc) software.  But more on that later, if you are interested.

The diagram below represents a simple database. Real computer databases and real personal databases are usually much more complex.  But this diagram is a good place to start, since it shows the linkage between 4 different parts, the Customer, the Orders, the Order Details and the Products.  Now, not every organization sells products to customers from an inventory, but everyone has customers who do request services or products of some type, so the analogy is reasonable.

So the diagram below is called an Entity Relationship Diagram or ERD for short.  By now you must be asking, what is he talking about? [click here for more info]

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ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)